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In the face of decreases in federal funding on which the Washington area’s economy has historically relied, the region recognizes the need to adopt new models for economic stimulus for long-term stability. To speed this adoption, a group of community leaders led by the 2030 Group and economist Dr. Steve Fuller, has collaborated to create a Roadmap to help Washington, D.C. compete in today’s global economy.

Regional cooperation and collaboration is key to the success of this initiative. With a strong coalition laying the foundation, we can become a hub of entrepreneurial innovation, grow employment opportunities, provide a high quality of life and realize a vibrant, sustainable future.

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  • Roadmap Update

    The Roadmap for the Washington Region’s Economic Future provided regional leaders with clear action items that must be tackled to put our economy back on a positive and sustainable economic trajectory, strengthen employment opportunities, and provide a high quality of life for current and future residents. On May 12, the 2030 Group hosted an event to update regional leaders on the progress that has been made since the beginning of the year to move the Roadmap action items forward.


    The Washington Metro Area is far more entrepreneurial than people think, according to The Roadmap Innovation Initiative—a report commissioned by the 2030 Group and led by Jonathan Aberman, local entrepreneur and venture capitalist.
    The report reveals that there is a “Greater Washington Model of Entrepreneurship” that is distinct from that of other regions in the U.S. and identifies ways in which regional leaders can leverage our unique entrepreneurial ecosystem to strength our regional economy, global competitiveness, and innovation outputs.

  • The 2030 Group

    The 2030 Group is an association of Washington metropolitan area business leaders focused on regional long-term decision-making and solutions. The mission of the 2030 Group is to advance a strong regional economy that provides continued new employment opportunities and sustainable prosperity for current and future residents of the Washington metropolitan area.


Video: Roadmap Innovation Initiative Presentation

May 25, 2016 | Johnathan Aberman

The Roadmap Innovation Initiative revealed that the Washington Metro Area is more entrepreneurial than most might think, but more needs to be done to leverage our unique entrepreneurial ecosystem in a way that strengthens our regional economy, global competitiveness, and innovation outputs.   WATCH HERE >

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